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A Message from CEO Mark Lally

As a member of law enforcement for over 20 years, my only interaction with cannabis was arresting those selling or using it. That all changed in 2012 when I met Montel Williams, a popular television and veteran personality afflicted with multiple sclerosis, who was using medical cannabis to ease the painful symptoms of his chronic disease. I literally faced the reality that the medicinal properties of cannabis could change someone’s quality of life.

That discovery changed the course of my own life, and I became determined to bring this restorative medication to Delawareans who are in pain.

Myths about medical cannabis are abundant, so I became an expert at knowing the facts: It is medicine, not recreational cannabis. It controls pain. It heals people from their suffering. Medical cannabis doesn’t have the unwanted side effects of other medications. It isn’t addictive like prescription opioids. But my primary motivator was bringing access to the many benefits of this new medication to those who didn’t have the information or opportunity before. That led to a logical and pioneering next step: securing the lease to build Delaware’s first and largest compassion center location, and then a second dispensary two years later.

As CEO and a charter member of the Delaware Marijuana Task Force, my focus is on maintaining the trust of the thousands of patients who come to First State Compassion for safe, reliable and consistent products and services. And while I strive every day to create industry-leading procedures and policies, my priority will always be our Delaware community of patients.

You’re welcome to join us.

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