Cannabis 2022: Where Are We Now?

2022 has been an interesting year for cannabis, not just in Delaware, but across the country! We are thrilled each month to see this industry change and grow, and we’re thrilled to be leading the way for our amazing patients in Delaware. Now that the first half of the year is behind us, let’s look back at all that’s changed in 2022, and what we can look forward to as we head towards 2023.

ICYMI: Delaware’s 2022 Legislation Update

In Delaware, House Bill 371 to legalize adult-use marijuana was vetoed by Governor John Carney in late May. While the house tried to overturn the veto, their efforts failed to pass when taken to a vote. So for now, the cannabis landscape in Delaware isn’t changing.

At First State Compassion, we continue to ensure access to the countless health and wellness benefits associated with medical cannabis, and look forward to a future where all Delawareans benefit from this amazing plant.

Neighboring New Jersey Starts Selling Adult Use Cannabis

New Jersey allowed the opening and operation of more than 12 adult-use cannabis dispensaries in the state beginning in April of 2021, and the results are a testament to the high demand! In the first month of adult-use sales, the state saw $24 million in revenue. Money aside, we’re thrilled to see continued changing perceptions and the growing acceptance of cannabis!

The American Bankers Association shows support for the SAFE Banking Act

Cannabis businesses across the country are subject to challenging regulations surrounding the processing of payments and the handling of money. The American Bankers Association now has this to say: “The SAFE Banking Act is an urgently needed, and widely supported, bipartisan legislative solution to allow banks to handle the proceeds from state-licensed cannabis businesses and the accountants, skilled trades, landlords, law firms, and other service providers they rely upon for legal operations.”

This is important not just to us, but to the industry as a whole, especially as we approach a much broader, more inclusive cannabis industry. Smaller cannabis businesses are unfairly punished by the laws that restrict banking, and for those who are able to navigate around this enormous roadblock, there are additional costs and complications that impact the patient experience, from their ability to pay via credit card to processing and payment fees that increase the cost of their medicine.

Edibles Hit Delaware

Less stigma, more edibles! That was our motto this year as we introduced a variety of new edible medicated cannabis products to our centers. From fruit chews to brownies and now even edible drink mixes, we’re always pioneering new, creative and accessible ways for patients to use our medicine.

Looking Ahead: FSC’s Commitments To You

There’s an exciting horizon ahead of us! We are working every day to protect and improve the care and wellbeing of our Delaware patients, including their access to the life-changing medicine.

  • Our new grow center in Milford will help us ensure a wide variety of available strains for our patients
  • Our new edibles kitchen in Wilmington is increasing access to new ingestion methods to patients all over the state
  • We continue our outreach working with Delaware physicians, business and community leaders to educate and help them understand the life-changing benefits of cannabis helps us to normalize cannabis
  • And to our employees, that keep our centers running, our products growing and our patients smiling, we are committed to you, too. We are committed to fostering a positive work environment for our team, and continuing to make First State Compassion an amazing place to work for our ever-growing team. Together, we can help change the lives of Delawareans all over the state.

Here’s to the second half of 2022!

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