First State Compassion is Open for In-Store Purchase Again

We’re happy to announce that our centers in Wilmington and Lewes officially reopened for in-store purchases as of October 18th. As we welcome patients back into our centers and remove the drive-thru pickup, we’d like to send a big thank you to the staff for keeping us moving for the last two years and particularly during the challenging pandemic months.

The last year has been difficult for everyone. Change is hard, and rapid change is even harder. As you return to the dispensary and speak with your Patient Advisors, please thank them for their dedication and hard work in keeping our operations running these last eighteen months. You, our patients, are their priority and inspiration – that goes for every single person on our staff – from cultivation to maintenance, from the front of the house to the back. We think they are exceptionally special people and hope you do too!

As a reminder to our returning patients and for the benefit of those who are new, your FSC journey starts with one of our Patient Advisors, who will discuss your qualifying condition (s) as well as your current knowledge of medical cannabis. We’ll ask about your preferred ingestion method – that is, whether you’d like to inhale, eat, or apply your medicine topically – how treatment fits into your lifestyle, the flavors and smells you may prefer, and address any questions you may have. This discussion is private between you and your advisor, so please do not leave your appointment without making your questions known.

After this meeting, we’ll make our expert recommendations on what products we think will be most effective for you and your ailments. And even after you’ve made your medicine selection, we continue that individual care once you’re home: Four days after your first visit, we’ll be in touch to check on your progress and how you feel about your treatment program. If you’d like to try other options, we can discuss various medical cannabis strains, flavors, or ingestion methods that are also effective for your condition. Together, we can fine-tune your treatment until it’s precisely what you want.

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