From Destigmatizing to Normalizing Medical Cannabis: The FSC Journey

When we opened the doors to Delaware’s first medical cannabis dispensary in 2015, the numbers were promising. We served 250 patients monthly, dispensing a small selection of medical products and growing proprietary strains in 15 cultivation rooms. Combating the stigma of cannabis use, much less touting its benefits as medical treatment, was an everyday challenge.

Facts vs. Myths

Cannabis was a particularly volatile topic when FSC first began, stirring up strong emotions among doctors, scientists, parents and policy makers. Educating the public on the facts and abolishing the many myths about cannabis was job #1. Conversations about the cannabis plant itself and how different strains could be used for the effective treatment of a specific condition or ailment was eye-opening to many. So was learning that painful and debilitating conditions suffered by the elderly, such as arthritis, or children, such as cancer, could be eased with medical cannabis treatment. Gradually, people began to see medical cannabis as a natural alternative to opioids, sleeping pills or other prescription drugs.

The biggest revolution, though, was the slow change in the stigma of cannabis. Statewide, patients, community leaders and elected officials started to understand and appreciate the life-changing benefits medical cannabis brings to people with incapacitating conditions and ailments. Tours of our locations by members of the medical community caused modifications in philosophy and new conversations about cannabis treatment options.

Times Have Changed

As of February 2022, medical cannabis is legal in a total of 37 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands regulate medical cannabis; adult-use cannabis is legal in 18 states. With relaxing regulations and changing attitudes, it’s become easier to access cannabis-based products.

While physicians are currently not permitted to refer patients to FSC, and vice versa, we regularly help patients by providing counsel and topics on having meaningful and productive conversations with their doctors about including medical cannabis as part of their treatment program. The highly trained, knowledgeable and caring staff at our locations assist 10,000+ patients every month and thousands more seeking information on treatment options.

Today, with the addition of a second dispensary, plans for a second ‘grow’ facility, and a product line that includes edibles, chewables, lotions, tinctures, oils and more, we look forward to continuing to grow the company, educate our public on the ‘new normal’ of medical cannabis treatment and welcome more patients on their journey to a better quality of life.

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