Patient Stories


I’ve been impressed by the friendliness of the FSC staff—they’re eager to help and they’re knowledgeable about the products they sell. FSC is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Do you qualify for a DE Medical Marijuana Card?

Read information provided by the State of Delaware (updated as of 2/16/17).

Because of severe pain in her knees from arthritis, Erin couldn’t walk, she had trouble sleeping and was depressed. She had to stop taking over-the-counter pain medications because they made her ill, and she didn’t have another way of relieving the pain—until she visited FSC.

The FSC team suggested a few cannabis-based medicines for Erin to try, and they recommended that she keep a journal to note which ones worked and which didn’t. On every visit to FSC, our Patient Advisors reviewed her journal and made adjustments.

Before FSC, Erin talked with her doctors about having knee replacements, but with the pain relief she obtained from cannabis-based medicines, she’s no longer considering knee replacements—she’s back doing her usual activities and enjoying life.

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