Holiday Hints: How to Be Discreet with Cannabis Use Around Family and Friends

Getting ready to celebrate “the most wonderful time of the year” can be stressful even for those who enjoy the season. For those who are managing anxiety or chronic pain, holiday gatherings can sometimes add to the angst – especially for those want to be able to chew, smoke or apply the cannabis product of your choice while you have visitors or if you’re at a relative’s or friend’s home.

So, whether you’re heading out of town or staying put in your home, there are ways to still enjoy your medical cannabis discreetly during the holiday season. And while our tips may not equate to a partridge-in-a-pear tree, we hope they’ll provide with you some ideas and support as you celebrate the days ahead.

Choose Your Product

Edibles are a fantastic way to medicate discreetly throughout the day, but be sensitive to who sees you partaking (especially children) so you don’t have to explain why you can’t share your special Christmas desserts. 

Tinctures and rubs also provide discreet medication in simple packaging resembling that of a balm or eye drops. Again, just be careful not to over medicate if you want to remain discreet. 

Only able to smoke your cannabis? Vaporization is low- to no-smell, quick and effective for providing precise dosages. 

A Breath of Air

If you DO have to smoke, try these steps to stay discreet: 

  • Do so outdoors
  • Wear an extra coat to cover up as much of your holiday clothing as possible 
  • Make sure the smoke blows away from you 
  • Use gum or mints after smoking to make sure your breath doesn’t give you away 
  • Wash your hands and face 
  • Worst case scenario, cover up a bit with a splash of cologne or perfume 

Have the Conversation

Ultimately, be ready to be open and honest about cannabis – it’s a medicine that’s been appreciated for centuries the world over for its ability to manage pain and alleviate suffering. So don’t let the worry of stigma dampen your holiday spirit! 

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