The benefits of Medical Marijuana Tinctures

While you may think of ‘medical marijuana’ as just another version of the recreational cannabis plant, it’s actually so much more. Medical marijuana comes in many shapes, sizes, scents, flavors… Simply put, there aren’t many of the five senses that medical marijuana can’t be made to interact with; from smoking or eating, to topicals, creams and chewable tablets, the list goes on.

Through modern science, we’ve learned more about what really makes marijuana plants so medicinal and how to most effectively extract those compounds from the raw plant. We can then create options for ingesting the beneficial properties in whatever way we find most effective and convenient.

One of our favorite methods of ingestion is the medical marijuana tincture. A cannabis tincture comes in a glass bottle with a small dropper filled with cannabis extract infused with cannabinoids and terpenes. Tinctures at First State Compassion come from our premier medical marijuana plants, grown right here in Delaware.

Why Medical Marijuana Tinctures?

There are a variety of real benefits to using medical marijuana tinctures:

  • It’s discreet. Without the accompanying smells of smoke and marijuana that follow the smoking of flower, no one needs to be aware of your medical marijuana treatment.
  • It’s healthier.  Tinctures are a non-smoking option that avoids the side-effects of smoking to your lungs.
  • You have more creative ways to ingest your medicine. As a tincture can be ingested sublingually (dissolved underneath your tongue,) it can be applied topically or added to food. You can even add a dose to a liquid measuring cup along with a small amount of water, cranberry or pineapple juice, as well as apricot nectar, to create a pleasurable experience while taking your medicine.
  • You also don’t need any special equipment, like a pipe or vaporizer.
  • Strong, fast acting – Use of tinctures make it much easier to find the perfect dose for your qualifying condition, allowing for a more consistent experience.

At First State Compassion, we pride ourselves on not just the quality of our medical products, but the value of the education we provide.  When you take the time to empower yourself and become more educated on the various ingestion methods of our medical marijuana products, you’ll find it leads to a more personalized and holistic experience.

Whether you’re well on your way through your Wellness Journey with First State Compassion or just preparing to take your first steps, we’re here for you. Reach out to us if you have any questions.

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