Welcome to Your Wellness Journey

Medical cannabis, like other medicine, is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. What helps one patient manage their chronic back pain, and another patient feel relief from their severe daily migraines, may not help the cancer patient suffering from nausea. It’s important to invest time in understanding the benefits of medical cannabis, especially if you’re switching from opioid or other treatment. It’s important to work closely with someone knowledgeable who can guide you in the discovery of which cannabis medicine works best for your symptoms and your situation.

At First State Compassion, we believe in the full spectrum of health and wellness. We know that every patient is on a personal passage to relief – whether from chronic pain, arthritis or qualifying conditions like PTSD, Cachexia or Alzheimer’s – and we are here for every step of that individual’s pathway. Becoming a patient at First State Compassion is the first step of a new partnership on your wellness journey.

The Journey Starts

That journey starts with an introduction to one of our Patient Advisors. Your advisor will sit down with you and discuss your ailment as well as your current knowledge of medical cannabis. We’ll discuss things like your preferred ingestion method – that is, whether you’d like to inhale, eat or apply your medicine – how treatment fits into your lifestyle, the flavors and smells you may prefer, and any questions you may have. Remember: there’s no stupid questions! And above all, the discussion is private between you and your advisor.

After this meeting, we’ll make our expert recommendations on what products we think will be most effective for you and your ailments.  And even after you’ve made your medicine selection, we continue that individual care once you’re home: Four days after you’re first visit, we’ll be in touch to check on how you’re progressing and how you feel about your treatment program. If you’d like to try other options, we can discuss other medical cannabis strains, flavors or ingestion methods that are also effective for your condition. Together, we can fine-tune your treatment until it’s precisely what you want.

Every Patient’s Journey is a Customized One

We believe our patients should be the champions of their own treatment plan. Our role as an information partner and guide is something we take great pride in: building a trusted relationship is our ultimate goal. We aim to provide our patients with all the training and education they need to successfully manage their pain, giving them the freedom to live a better quality of life with less pain. Whether you’re a current FSC Patient, a DE Medical Marijuana cardholder unsure of where to go or a prospective medical marijuana user who wants to learn more, give us a call. We have the answers to your questions.

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