FSC Lewes – Place an Online Order

Use the menu below to place an online order at FSC Lewes.

Please be sure to watch our informative video tutorial.

FSC Lewes accepts online orders Monday-Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm, and on Saturday 10:00am to 3:30pm.

All orders placed must be picked up by Close of Business (6:30pm M-F, 4:00pm Saturday) on the day they are placed. Patients who do not arrive within this timeframe (10am-6:30pm M-F, 10am-4:00pm Saturday) will have their orders returned to inventory, which may result in a restocking fee. 

Please place the order using your name exactly as it is displayed on your medical marijuana card – no nicknames, please!

Online orders are final and cannot be modified. After ordering, patients will receive 1 (one) text message confirming or cancelling their order (if the product is unavailable). Our inventory team will call you if your order could only be partially fulfilled due to supply. 

Please note: There is a purchase limit of 4 cooking hash. Placing multiple orders will not allow patients to purchase more than the daily limit..

Please do not come to the dispensary until you have received your confirmation text.

Please enter a cell-phone number to ensure you receive your confirmation text.

Please do not click ‘Save my info’ or ‘Save’ at any point in the ordering process.

Picking up your online order from FSC Lewes:

When you arrive at FSC Lewes, you will see 14 designated FSC Parking Spots. Once you’ve parked in one of these spots, walk up to the tent located by the front door of the dispensary and check in with the patient advisor, who will provide you with further directions. Patients will still need to enter the building to pick up their medication. Patients must have their Delaware Medical Marijuana Card with them in order to pick-up medication.

Please note: We do not accept walk-up orders. Please be sure you’ve read and acknowledged our FSC Online Order terms.

FSC Lewes Online Menu:


Please read and acknowledge the terms below
before placing your FSC Online Order.


Online orders must be exact and cannot be changed at pickup.

Once the order is complete the patient will receive ONE text message confirming or canceling your order, based on supply.

I understand if I receive a text message stating my order is canceled, the product is currently unavailable.

I understand if I receive a text stating my order is ready/fulfilled, I have until the end of the calendar day in which it was placed to pick it up.

If I fail to pick my order up by closing time I understand my order will be put back into inventory and a restocking fee may apply.

I understand that I shouldn't come to the dispensary until I receive a confirmation text message.

In the event that we can only partially fulfil your order, you will receive a phone call to inform you of the items out of stock.
Patients cannot add items over the phone and will have to place a second order for any additional items added.

I understand that payment will be accepted upon arrival and can not be taken online. Any discounts that may pertain to me will be adjusted at checkout upon arrival.

By clicking accept and placing an order I am stating that I have read, understand and agree to terms listed above.