Dab, Indica, Shatter, Salve. It’s important to educate yourself on the language associated with treating your medical condition. This glossary of terminology is your resource to help navigate the jargon of medical cannabis treatment.


A bucket-shaped attachment of an oil rig (see Oil/Dab Rig). It is the portion of the rig that is heated up in order to vaporize concentrates.


Hand-held pipe with a down stem for water filtration.


The components within the cannabis plant that possess therapeutic value (e.g., THC and CBC).

CBD (cannabidiol)

The non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant. Can help to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation, can help with anxiety and seizure disorders, and create an overall sense of well-being.

CBD Capsule

A liquid concentrate of CBD that is dosed into a capsule made out of gelatin and purified water in preparation of ingestion.


A non-psychoactive concentrate that can be ingested or used sublingually with many medicinal benefits.

Chewable Tablets

Small tablets that can be chewed and then swallowed or left in the mouth for sublingual use.


A straight tube pipe with an opening on both ends. One end is used as a mouth piece and the other end holds flower (see Flower).

Clipper Lighter

A lighter that is also a tool. The roller on the lighter pulls out to become a poker for a pipe or to help stuff rolled flower.

CO2 Oil

A concentrate that uses CO2 as its solvent and is extracted through the super-critical process.


Molecules stripped from the plant matter leaving behind trichomes and oils. The physical state of the concentrate can vary greatly due to its process. This increases potency by dilution or the selective accumulation of molecules.


A cone-shaped paper that is filled with flower, then the top is twisted shut in preparation of consumption.

Cooking Hash

Decarboxylated (see Decarboxylation) ice hash that can be eaten as is. If preferred, it can be used by patients to infuse into food and drink.


Drying of the medicine in preparation of use.


A small portion concentrate that patients will dose out for themselves in preparation of use.

Dab Mat/Concentrate Pad

A cushioned or silicone material to place under an oil rig while in use. This cushion is used to protect the area where medicating is taking place.

Dab Stick/ Dab Tool

A metal rod used to dose out oil for consumption.

Dab Straw/Nectar Collector

A tube-like smoking device—one side has a mouthpiece and the other side has a metal, rod-like piece to heat up to vaporize concentrates. This piece can be referred to as a nail. You can use the nail directly on desired concentrates and inhale to consume the medicine.


Refers to the vaping of concentrates. A torch lighter is used to heat the surface enough for the medicine to turn into a vapor and be inhaled.

Decarboxylation (also called “decarbing”)

The act of heating up the flower without causing combustion. This activates the medicine in the flower, preparing it for ingestion.


A glass tube with a squeezable rubber top used at FSC to dose out medicine in liquid form.

Dry Tinctures

A strip of medicine that dissolves in a patient’s mouth for sublingual use.


An electrical way of heating up the part of an oil rig that is needed to vaporize concentrates for inhalation.


3.5 grams of packaged marijuana.


Dried herb of the plant to be smoked, decarbed or turned into a concentrate.

Full Melt

When a concentrate turns from solid to liquid after exposure to a heat source.


Smallest measurement of usable flower.

Gram Limit

3 ounces is the maximum amount that a patient can buy within a two-week period. However, a patient may have up to six ounces of marijuana in their possession at one time in their private home.


Consists of two pieces used to break down the marijuana to prepare it for use.

Half Ounce

Fourteen grams of packaged marijuana.


A genetic cross between Indica and Sativa in which the plant shows characteristics of both species. These are usually bred to produce more desirable traits.

Ice Hash

The use of dry ice to extract trichomes from plant matter.


A species of cannabis which usually grows shorter and wider than sativa cannabis plants. Named after the location it was first found—India. Usually gives users a relaxed feeling along with other types of relief.

Ingestible Product

Product that has been prepared to be swallowed by the user.


Trichomes and other small matter that falls off the flower and can be collected to be reused for medicine.


Usually made of titanium, glass or quartz. Can look similar to a rod with a bulb on top. It’s the portion of the oil rig that needs to be heated to vaporize concentrates.

Oil/Dab Rig

Similar to a water pipe, but it has a nail in the place where the bowl would normally be. Used for dabbing concentrates.


Twenty-eight grams of packaged marijuana.

Patient Adviser (PA)

The attendant behind the counter inside the center. Our first line of knowledge and patient education to help patients choose the most beneficial medicine.

Patient Orienteer (PO)

The attendant behind the counter at the entrance. This staff member checks the patients into the center and is responsible for providing patient orientations and assisting patients in the waiting room.


The mechanical portion of vaporizers used to power the method of consumption.


A tube that has a mouthpiece on one end and a rounded basin at the other that is packed with flower. It also has a carburetor on the side to aid in suction.


Ground-up cannabis that is stuffed into a paper cone for easy use.


Seven grams of packaged marijuana.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

Named after its creator who used it to treat his cancer. It’s a concentrate that is a sticky, black, tar-like oil made from Indica flower. It can be used to treat many symptoms through ingestion, inhalation, topical application and sublingual use.


Topical lotion used to treat and heal the skin. Can be used for headaches and deeper pain as well.


A species of cannabis plant that tends to grow tall and thin and have thin, long leaves. It is also believed that it gives users an uplifted and stimulated feeling along with other types of relief.


A cannabis concentrate which is a solid, brittle, sticky oil that is breakable like glass, hence the name.


A slurry of concentrates mixed with cannabis oil. Plants other than cannabis are added, such as lavender, clove, pine and citrus. Aroma therapy is infused with a slurry to bring patients the benefits of cannabis without any psychoactive effect, along with the added effects from the aroma therapy.


The combustion and inhalation of the medicine.


A particular plant within one of the cannabis species.

Sublingual Use

Medicine that dissolves in the mouth and does not need to be swallowed. Good for those with digestive problems.


A vegetable capsule filled with RSO medicine that is inserted rectally or vaginally.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)

The psychoactive component of medical marijuana that can help with many conditions.

THC Capsule

A liquid concentrate of THC that is inserted into a capsule derived from gelatin and purified water and ingested.

THC-A (tetrahydrocannabinol acid)

The acid state that cannabinoids are in while the marijuana is raw. This cannabinoid is the non-psychoactive form of THC.


A liquid extract of cannabis that is dosed at FSC with a dropper. It is absorbed into the body sublingually and uses a base liquid of alcohol or coconut oil.

Topical Usage

Any medicine applied directly to the skin.

Torch Lighter

An open flame used to heat up the part of an oil rig you will use to vaporize your concentrate for inhalation.


A small, hair-like fiber with a seemingly clear bulb on the end which grows on the cannabis plant and contains high concentrations of medicine.

Vape Cartridge

Pre-loaded with cannabis oil to be magnetically connected to a battery in order to vape.


Mechanical device that is used to heat up either concentrates or flower to be inhaled without combustion.

Water pipe

Also called a bong (slang). A smoking device that has a reservoir of water settled in the bottom of the pipe. Used for smoking marijuana.


A concentrate oil of cannabis that is thick and sticky, named after the state it is in, similar to a taffy-like structure and usually has a pull and snap feel.


The separation of solvents, terpenes and cannabinoids from the cannabis plant.

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