Patient Stories


The Patient Advisors at FSC were informative, professional and kind. The team introduced me to a whole new perspective on wellness. I received compassionate care and I’m very grateful. FSC gave me my life back.

Do you qualify for a DE Medical Marijuana Card?

Read information provided by the State of Delaware (updated as of 2/16/17).

Born with cerebral palsy, Almeshia’s health had been declining. Because of her weakened condition, she suffered a serious injury that left her house-bound and confined to a wheelchair. As an adult, she was enduring severe pain and taking many medications—25 pills twice a day.

Searching for an alternative to bring relief from her pain, Almeshia read about medical marijuana and consulted with her doctor. She then contacted FSC about her condition. Our attentive staff guided Almeshia through an orientation about our programs and discussed cannabis-based products that could ease her suffering.

Under the guidance of FSC, Almeshia is 95% off her medication and she feels like her old self again, participating in activities she loves and enjoying life. She is living instead of just existing.

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