Patient Stories


I’m always very comfortable at FSC. I learned everything I needed to know from the Patient Advisors, and now I come to FSC twice a week to pick up my medicine. It’s one of my favorite places to go.

Do you qualify for a DE Medical Marijuana Card?

Read information provided by the State of Delaware (updated as of 2/16/17).

Suffering from anxiety due to post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), Lindsey had depression from the many medications she was taking. She considered visiting FSC because we helped her mother in the past, but she found it difficult to visit our office.

Because of her condition, she was anxious about going to FSC because she didn’t know what to expect—it was an unfamiliar place.  But when she walked through our doors, she was calmed by the warm, comfortable setting and had a positive experience.

Lindsey felt encouraged as our Patient Advisors gave her information on cannabis and how it can help ease anxiety. She began visiting FSC twice a week and within one month, she found the best treatment plan for her. For the past two years, she has enjoyed the relief from depression that cannabis can provide.

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