Statement from Mark C. Lally, CEO of First State Compassion on the United Nation’s Removal of Cannabis from “Dangerous Drug” list

Yesterday, a United Nations commission voted to remove cannabis for medicinal purposes from a category of the world’s most dangerous drugs. What does this mean for medical marijuana patients?

  • More controlled research into medical marijuana.
  • Studies can now be conducted on the effectiveness of medical marijuana as it relates to various diseases and the benefits to patients’ bodies and minds.

This ruling confirms what First State Compassion has always advocated – Medical Marijuana is a medicine that can help alleviate physical and mental suffering

The announcement is encouraging to the medical marijuana community of doctors, patients and dispensers like First State Compassion. We consistently strive to provide a quality product for those needing the healing benefits of medical marijuana. Patients who suffer from disease symptoms that include pain, nausea, seizures, tremors, neuropathy, gastrointestinal issues and more,  truly appreciate the life-changing benefits medical marijuana brings to their quality of life.

Removing the stigma around cannabis has been a challenge, and FSC is proud of the inroads we have made.  With the United Nations’ vote to remove cannabis from the dangerous drug list, we believe that the stigma of treatment will dissolve more rapidly and accelerate the positioning of medical marijuana as a viable component in our healthcare system.

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